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New Collection-News Release

News Release- New Luichiny LTD

News Release 

Demand Shoes, LLC launches a new, exclusive collection by Luichiny®

St. Louis, MO (August 26, 2019) Demand Shoes, LLC announced the release of a new collection by Luichiny® Shoes. The Luichiny® LTD collection is expected to release in September 2019 and will be sold exclusively online at The Luichiny® LTD collection defies the trends of mass production by taking our time to curate an exclusive collection of natural leathers that will not compromise on comfort or quality. The Fall 2019 release captures a fresh approach to classic silhouettes in bright colors and patterns featuring supple leather lining, the most comfortable insoles, and high-quality luxury leathers with wearable heel heights. Each piece possesses true craftsmanship of natural leathers and attention to detail with each piece. We are thoughtfully keeping the needs of those who know and love the brand in foresight. Luichiny® LTD answered your messages and delivered a collection full of quality and style without compromising the heart and soul of Luichiny® Shoes.

 The Luichiny® brand was purchased in 2005 by Demand Shoes, LLC. Luichiny®  experienced tremendous success, catering to the nightlife lifestyle of young consumers. As the market turned, fashion changed, and the dress shoe category became a difficult category to sell with such high heel heights. Demand Shoes put a hold on releasing a new collection after Fall 2016. We have grown along with this collection as a consumer first; it's exciting to see how styles have evolved. In the last three years, the company noticed a void in the market for quality leather dress footwear. “There is a large market of women who are not interested in casual or athletic footwear and they have been abandoned by the footwear industry”, says Marketing Manager, Amanda Brown. “This Luichiny® LTD collection was created for the Luichiny® woman who is thriving in her career and needs a shoe that gets her the attention she loved from the original Luichiny® brand but can accompany her in all aspects of her life.”

 “Fashion footwear is changing, so we have lowered our heels, not our standards of quality. Our core customers have grown in their careers and lifestyle.  This collection was designed to fit into the needs of the fashion-conscious consumer that's in the market for quality footwear to fit her lifestyle.  Our goal is to restore confidence in luxury footwear by adding comfort to the equation. Designing shoes that can last throughout the busy day of a working woman was a challenge, and we are up for it", says Marketing Associate, Bronica Richardson.

“A woman cares what she looks like, and she puts pride in her appearance, and she wants to be noticed when she walks into a room. What really finishes off the look is the shoes! I was on a quest to create a comfortable fashion footwear. There is a subtle sexiness in footwear with rich bold colors with comfortable heel heights. This is colorful, comfortable, wearable, quality product", says Owner, Joe Butrus.

The silhouettes from the new Luichiny® LTD collection are head-turning but have classic silhouettes that any consumer could appreciate. The collection was designed to bring Luxury brand quality to an everyday consumer. The Luichiny® LTD collection will release on the brand's website

 About Demand Shoes, LLC

Purchased by Demand Shoes, LLC in December of 2005, Luichiny® Shoes began distribution in April of 2006. Luichiny® Shoes cater to the fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyles of the women who wear them. Our designers are always testing new styles in upscale boutiques in around the globe to find the hottest, freshest footwear fashion for you. Luxurious fashion footwear for shoe lovers around the world. From our heart to your sole, enjoy fashionable footwear that doesn't compromise on quality, style, and maximum comfort. Step into luxury that lasts all day. From our hearts to your sole. Love, Luichiny® LTD

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